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Origin of all Religions and Civilizations - Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत
अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ॥४-७॥

परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय दुष्कृताम्
धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥४-८॥

Translation by Swami Vivekananda:
"Whenever virtue subsides and wickedness prevails, I manifest myself. To establish virtue, to destroy evil, to save the good I come from Yuga (age) to Yuga."

Sanatan Dharma is The Origin of all Religions and Civilizations

Hinduism is originated from “Sanatan Dharma”, Vedism and Brahmanism. As it is already known that Hinduism is oldest civilization on this planet, according to official and proven records Indus Valley Civilisation was around 7000 year old from now. It is also known as The Harappa Civilization and the Indus-Saraswati Civilization covered a span of 500,000 sq miles and has approximately 2,600 sites, many of these settlements were along the Saraswati River. The Harappa seal shows a figure sitting in meditation showing a clear link with yoga and meditation as practiced today by followers of Sanatana Dharma. Along with the construction, whose style follows Stapatya Veda and Vastu Shastra.

Due to some researcher Sumerians were the people who migrated from northern india (ancient Sarswati river area). When the river Sarswati started drying in nearly 7000 BCE - 4500 BCE people of nearby Indus Valley Civilization started moving towards either east or west directions. People who walked eastward were called Devas (India, China, Japan, Russia, & America) and the people who moved westward were called Asura (Middle East, central Asia & Europe).

As known Buddhism, Jainism & Sikhism evolved from Hinduism and Christianity, Islam & Moses evolved from Judaism like Abraham was the founder of Judaism and he was born between Sumerians (an ancient civilization of central Asia). Sumerian was the migrated from northern India to central Asia as there several proof that Sumerian gods and their values are similar to Hinduism. Like the story of Garuda (eagle) and Amrita is in Hindu mythology and Sumerian civilization are same. Lord Garuda and Eagle headed genie from Assyria 883 BCE.

In ancient era, the entire human beings were divided into two groups at one time. They were Eagle people and Snake (Nagas) people. We can see this division in Hindu, Egyptian, Mayan Civilizations and the Middle East. Rig Veda also has hymns praising Garuda (eagle) as Suparna, Syena etc same as Sumerian. Most important, the etymology of the word ‘Sumeru’ is a pure Sanskrit word: Su + Meru – ‘Great Mount Meru’ where God was living, which is prised in Hinduism.

Pictures: 1. Eagle was the symbol of Roam Empire, Stamp from Italy (ancient Rome) 2. Egyptian Tutankhamen mask with snake like Hindu God Shiva. 3. Picture of falcon, snake, Temple of Hathor in Egypt.

Comparison of all Religions

Early civilization & India map at Indus valley civilization

Human origin and Migration to whole world

Scientists have argued that human was originated in Africa before moving to other regions 150,000 to 200,000 years ago. Homo sapiens discovered in Middle Awash, Ethiopia from 160,000 years ago were believed to be the oldest 'modern' human beings. The ancient black Indians, known as "Dravidians", who in ancient times were also known by the Greeks and Egyptians as "Ethiopians" built and laid out ancient Egyptian civilization and, no doubt, in the process also mixed with their black brethren in Africa. Dravidians are native speakers of any of the Dravidian languages of South Asia currently India.

In ancient times all continent was connected to each other and India was near to Africa’s Ethiopia. As continents gets separated species also moved to different area. India was real place of human origin because it got separated in ocean and got saved human life from big creature like dinosaur etc. India travelled in ocean and after so many years it get emerges with china which creates great Himalaya, ancient Sarswati River and Sindhu Indus River. As per archaeological records first civilized people living on planet were found in Indus Valley Civilisation.

European History says that Asia served as a sort of reservoir for Humans to migrate from. In migration, people came in waves from Asian, through the Urals and Russia, through the landmass of Mideast. The group that came through Russia settled down and mingled with people over there. The other group, first wave settled in Spain Pyrenees, North of Africa, in England, Scotland and Wales and in Gaul. The second wave settled in Bulgaria, Hungary. The third wave Huns, settled finally in Germany, after raiding all the ethnic groups settled before them. 

The Vedas are the first Literature of Mankind and were in existence at least from 5000 BC. Puranas quote Tamils, Tamil Kings. Ramayana and Mahabharata do the same. References are found in Sanskrit Literature, Tamil Literature, Vedas Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharata about people and places which are now Europe, US, Africa, Russia, Middle East, Iran, Southeast Asia, Polynesia. Now people have to understand that Indus Valley civilisation and Sarswati Valley Civilisation were there origin of modern humans.

Lord Shiva in whole world

To prove it we can take reference of lingam statue of Lord Shiva, the greatest God of Sanatan Dharma Hinduism. Throughout the world, everywhere, whenever researchers, archaeologists find Shiva lingam from earth, they reach to the decision that Hindu people may lived here before some time. Shiva lingam is found from Omsk city Russia, Africa, Afghanistan, Ireland, Greece, Mongolia, Siberia, Vatican Rome, Vietnam, Italy, Petra Jordan, Sri-lanka, India, Nepal, Mexico, and Cambodia. There is a Ancient Shiva temple in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Ancient Vishnu Statue was found in Russia. Shiva Lings are excavated in Italy. There is a Hindu Temple in Baku, Azerbaijan. Most of the Shiva lingams found are minimum 1000-5000 and some <5000 according="" archaeologists.="" old="" p="" to="" years="">

Islam also considers Shiva as god, in Mecca there is a Shiva lingam whom they call Noor-e-ilahi, Noor means light, we call the same jyoti, and ilahi means god, Jyotirlingam or Noor -e ilahi. Also Namas become Namaz (both means pray), Shraddhaa become Shahada both mean faith, crescent moon symbol of lord shiva and islam both, Shaivites (who follow shiv) become Shiites, Rama-dhyana becomes Ramadan, Garbha become kaba both means house of God. ISLAM from
ISA-ALAYAM means Temple of place of God.

In church you will find candles, Christ said God is light, the shape of candle's fire is the same shape of Shivalingam, we call it Jyotirlingam, jyoti means shape of fire. In Sikh, guru said, Shiva is maha guru. Tang Dynasty in South Eastern China worshipped God Shiva. Japan too worships Ganesh, Shiva, Yam and Sarswati.

Whole world was Hindu before 2400 years

Ancient Russia was Vedic Sanatan Dharma

Ancient Russia was a Hindu nation, an ancient Vishnu idol has been found during excavation in an old village in Russia's Volga region. The idol found in Staraya (old) Maina village dates back to VII-X century AD. Staraya Maina village in Ulyanovsk region was a highly populated city 1700 years ago, much older than Kiev, so far believed to be the mother of all Russian cities.

In his book ‘Proof of Vedic Culture’s Global Existence’ Stephen Knapp confirms that the Vedic culture was once global. “The Russian Veda” Interrupted Indradyumna Marharaj.

Sanskrit meaning
Land of the Rishis
Salvation, goal of all Rishis
Rishis seeking spiritual power
Strength of the realm
Russian town named after Lord Krsna
Agone (fire)
Vedic fire God
Vedic demigod
The locals still call their land Shibir
White as in white snow covered region
Svetlana, the name of Stalins daughter is from the Sanskrit word svetanana meaning fair faced

Ancient Europe originated from Vedic culture

Sanskrit meaning
Land of the Daityas. ( Daitya refers to mother Diti and Kashyapa muni, the Dutch also share this link.)
Danube river
The Daityas were also known as the Danuv community due to Kashyapa munis marriage to Danu, who is also known as one of the primary Goddesses of the celts.
A common hindu surname
The fort of the Hindus
Fort garrisoned by horses
Place of Lord Rama
Lord Rama
Ravenna (Italian city)
Demon killed by Lord Rama
City dedicated to Lord Buddah
Vedic Goddess
Region below sea level
Skanda is the son of Lord Siva. Naviya is Sanskrit for naval settlement. Scandinavians were the mariner descendants of the Vedic ksatriyas who worshipped Skanda

"Ancient romans use to worship lord Ganeshai, elephant headed son of lord Shiva and mata parvati. Romans were, are and will always belong to Sanatan Dharma." Fr. Philippus Baldaeus (Philips Baelde). Lord Ganesh is the first worship God in Sanatan Dharma.

Judaism was originated from Hinduism

Sanskrit meaning
The Yadu dynasty which Lord Krsna appeared in. It is common for the y and j to become interchangeable hence, Yaduism, Yeduism and finally Judaism
The township of Lord Krsna. Yadu – dynasty of Lord Krsna, Isha – God, alayam – abode or place
The abode of Isha – God
The abode of God. (Ishalayam – shalayam – shalome)
Talmud (jewish scripture)
Tal is Sanskrit for palm. Mud comes from mudra which means imprint or script, hence Talmud is Sanskrit for palm leaf manuscript
Vedic sungod
Vedic sage
Ramallah (Palestine city)
The city of Lord Rama
The first or most ancient man
Vedic demigod
Star of David
A simplified version of the sri yantra, connected to the Goddess Laxmi Devi. Drawn in front of many Hindu homes
Bestowed by the mother Goddess
Semites were the descendants of Shem which originates from Shyam, Lord Krsna
Worshipers of Hari (Krsna)

Greece – The Vedic civilization

Sanskrit meaning
king of heaven, ridding six-horse chariot & wielding a thunderbolt
Arjuna, devotee of Lord Krsna
In the lineage of Hari (Krsna)
Greek greeting
May Hari (Krsna) bless you
Lord Siva
Friend of the Gods
Peeth means place of education
God, the warder of calamities
One whose conduct is meritorious

The Heliodorus column, erected in 113 BC by the ambassador of Greece, Over 2000 years ago the Greek ambassador worshiped Vishnu. Greek Silver coins made by Agathaclose, a Greek ruler from the 2nd century B.C., bear the imprint of Krishna and Balrama and are displayed in several museums. 

Few more country name and there Sanskrit meanings:

Sanskrit meaning
Gouri, Vedic Goddess
Kashyapa muni
Followers of the Vedic sage
Kashyapa muni
Named after the Vedic sage
Caspean sea
Kashyapa muni
Named after the Vedic sage
Land of the Aryans
Abode of the Vedic sage Guatam
Lord Rama, the illustrious scion of Aja. Their kings were named Ramses meaning Rama the God
Vedic warrior Parasurama
Vedic demigod Lord Indra
Realm of Vedic king Bahubal
Vedic warrior from Ramayana
Land of the missiles
Land of the immortals
Land of the Gods
Township of Lord Siva
Visnu, Lord of the Anguli country
Great land or islands

China - The ancient Hindu country

Ancient china was a Hindu nation, in Mahabharata Chinese kings was participated. Recently The Chinese discover bundle of strange documents in the mountains of Tibet and Lhasa. The documents are sent to Dr. Ruth Reyna, University of Chandigarh, for translation and special comments. Dr. Reyna’s declares that the manuscripts contain the following.

1. Directions for building interstellar spaceships with a method of propulsion that are essentially anti-gravitational. The method was similar to that of laghima, the power of man’s ego. It is described as ‘a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull’. Hindu Yogis claim it is a man’s laghima that allows for his body to levitate (rise defying gravity). These machines are called Astras. 
2. The text also contains claims that ancient Indians could have sent detachments of men on to any planet.

3. The secrets of antima (cover of invisibility) and of garima (method of making one’s body as heavy as a mountain of lead) are revealed. The Chinese are including certain parts of this data in their space program research and study.

4. It has mentioned a planned trip to moon.

Lord Narasimha (Shri Vishnu’s 4th Avatar) found around the world

Due to some researcher, as evidence has found which tell us whole world was Hindu before 2400 years before. The global worship of the Supreme Lord in His Man-Lion Form as Time, associated with His Serpent of Infinity Form as Eternity, can easily be traced through the ancient Sacred Art of the various civilizations. In above picture, here is some examples of how the Supreme Lord of Time and Eternity was worshiped and depicted by various civilizations in the ancient World. He was Nara-Hari or Krishna-Vishnu's Man-Lion Form as Kalah / TIME and Lord Shiva also called "Kalah" TIME. The Pure Land (Mahayana) Buddhists say that Kalah-Bairab or Mahadeva (Shiva) is the Wrathful Transformation of Hari or Avalokiteshvara [Vishnu]. Among the many Names of Nara-Simha or Nara-Hari, the Wrathful Man-Lion Form of Hari (Krishna-Vishnu), are the Names of Kalah/Time, Shiva, Mahadeva, Bairava (Bairab) and other Names of Baladeva and Shiva from various cultures and languages. It also shows that whole world was worship same God and Sanatan dharma was the Origin of all Religions & Civilizations.

Common ‘Ark & Flood’ story from around the world

The Mahabharat declares: "Manu was imbued with great wisdom and became the progenitor of a line. And in Manu's race have been born all human beings, who have, therefore, been called Manavs (Human)". According Matsya Puraan, Satyavrat (Manu) was found a tiny minnow (shafari) in his hands and that too, a talking one at time of morning prays in a river. The tiny fish requested for shelter and Satyavrat obliged the creature. The tiny fish continued to grow over the next day while Satyavrat took the fish from one pond to another and finally to the ocean, but soon it grew as large as the ocean itself! Then Satyavrat realizes the magical creature is Lord Vishnu Himself!

The Lord Vishnu told him that he was to be the Manu for the next Manvantar. Lord told him to construct a ship & the responsibility of saving all species of life for their continuation in the next eon also lay with him. The Lord told him that exactly seven days after that day, Pralaya or the Great Deluge will come and everything will be swallowed by the mighty ocean waves. As instructed Lord Matsya (Vishnu) appeared, Manu along with his consort Shradha, the Saptarishis, chosen animals and plants was safe aboard the ship being buffeted by waves as large as mountains.

Vaivasvat Manu is the counterpart of Noah, whom the Hebrew Bible, declares to be the tenth and last of the ante-diluvian Patriarchs. In Jewish or Christian bible, Satyavarman, Shem, Sham, and Jyapeti are clearly mentioned. There Satyavarman and his sons are Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japhet.

The Qur'an contains 43 references to Noah and declares that he received a revelation to build an Ark, after his people refused to believe in his message and hear the warning.

In Greek Mythology, Deucalion is forewarned of the flood and he builds an ark and staffs it with creatures. Similar legends exist in Norse Mythology, African legends and the foundational myths of the Quiché and Mayas, and the story of Utnapishtim in the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh.

Sumerian: The gods had decided to destroy mankind. The god Enlil warned the priest-king Ziusudra ("Long of Life") of the coming flood by speaking to a wall while Ziusudra listened at the side. He was instructed to build a great ship and carry beasts and birds upon it.

Babylonian: Enlil advised the gods to destroy all humans with a flood, but Enki had Atrahasis build an ark and so escape. Also on the boat were cattle, wild animals and birds, and Atrahasis' family.

Tamil: Half of the land mass Kumari Kandam, which was south of India, sank in a great flood, destroying the first Tamil Sangam. The lone survivor was a Tamil prince named Thirumaaran.

China: The Supreme Sovereign ordered the water god Gong Gong to create a flood as punishment and warning for human misbehaviour. 

There are many more other theories in each and every country and religion those are similar to Manu or Noah/Deucalion and other Hindu kathas etc. All are copied and influenced from Sanatan Dharma’s Veda & Puranas.

Finally I can say Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism (or Vedism/ Brahmanism) is the oldest Religion, Culture and civilization around the world. It is also the Origin of all Religions & Civilizations. There is need to explore more fact and proof to prove it, I will keep finding more methodology to regain glory of Sanatan Dharma/Hinduism.

Thanks for valuable time and reading, ‘The Origin of all Religions & Civilizations, Sanatan Dharma Hinduism’.

|| OM HARI OM ||

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Author: Mr Uma Shanker, B. Tech, MBA, Blogger